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1 'Imagineering',p.89
Holert, Tom
'One essential moment of contemporary ideology is the claim, that everything can be seen, that the world lies in front of us like an open book. This extreme form of transparency can also be traced in the glassy architecture of consum-buildings or in the cult of privat exhibitionism, which is constantly
produced through media.'1
Seeing and beeing watched has been becoming an obsession mainly in industrialized countries, where life is increasingly lived under constant visual or audio surveillance.
2 'cyber-moderne', p.226
Fassler, Manfred


3 'Machinic Vision', p.27
Johnston, John
Today the interpretation of the visible reality became replaced through the production of visibility and also by the production of virtual reality.2 And, besides all human-machinic influences and interaction, what is more important, it cannot be done without the recoding of a machinic interpretation.

'Machinic Vision, as I shall use the term, presupposes not only an environment of interacting machines and human -machine systems but a field of decoded perceptions that, whether or not produced by or issuing from these machines, assume their full intelligibility only in relation to them.'3
4 in 'The Visual Culture Reader', p.156
Fiske, John

When we take a look at 'how technologies see trough us' it shouldn't be forgotten that 'technology may determine what is shown, but society determines what is seen.'4 Audiovisual transmissions have to be understood, if they at least can be taken for some reference more likely as an electronical detection and therefore a transformation of the surrounding world for the purpose of technological sight.
The myth of pure objectivity which is coming along so many times with scientific images became very obvious in the so called 'operational images' receiving from smart bombs during some last wars. The mere fact that these images are abstract and need professional interpretation seemed to made them unquestionable.

But as just mentioned before more then ever should be regarded who took the images, for what purpose and in what kind of context.

So to see means actually to interpret successfully the information in the change of code of representation digital data is transmitting.

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