combined range finders

The problematic and failure of 2D sight devices nowadays is tried to escape and enhance by combining various systems.
3D object recognition today in modern vision systems utilizes a whole range of different range finders such as lasers or ultrasound. Examples for the combining of diverse data transmission devices are GPS-systems and various scanning devices.
Gps systems are widely used not only for military purposes, but as well in agriculture, orientating systems and for geological and archeological research.

Informationen zu GPS
Navstar Global Positioning System
Augen im All
1 Automation of sight: From Photography to Computer Vision, p.16
Manovich, Lev
By systematically scanning the surface of an object, it directly produces a depth map, a record of an object's shape, which can be then matched to geometric models stored in computer memory thus bypassing the perspectival image altogether.'1
It is straight away put into digital data and so naturally encode as well.
All those systems should gain some attention as because the paranoia after 911 is widely taken as a reason to invent further and without questioning surveillance systems. So the newly invented laws on internet or telephon surveillance are equally concerning digital data, transmission and the communication systems it should be put here as well.
Obviously no image is created or distort, but these restriction are also directly going to the core element. And here everything is working on the same level, of 1s and 0s. That is where images are gaining the same form of any other information.

So this it is just that we we end up again with code.

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