auto tracking

After we came to belief that almost everything can be made visible with all these distributing and extending devices, we now want to teach the machines to mimic, find and follow by themselves. (robot tracking a door movie)
Here again the various fields of machinic vision intermingle. Pattern recognition leading to auto tracking, neuronal research fields getting mixed with motion control - just to put it very simply.
In the middle of all, still be looked at as the ultimate of objective sight and perception smart devices. Thus delivering highly abstract images.

Developing from this physical space is increasingly going to be extracted to data by surveillance systems, satellites, scanning systems, tracking systems, computervision, smart devices and so on.

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For example radar was one of the early systems to enhance vision to the electromagnetic spectrum and thus recording the objects' position in space. At the same time it delivers its data-image instantaneously.

At this point for Virilio the reality of the presence of an object collapses through real-time transmission.1

Eventhough exactly this seems to be one of our current assumptions as 'in the spectacular society we are sold the sizzle rather than the steak, the image rather than the object.'2, what sounds more important is the conclusion of L.Manovich.
He claims, that the technologies of remote sensing in the beginning were relying again on the principle of perspective. Thus the old principles of the construction of a space that is not in essence the visual one are at least inherent to the seeing devices and our utilization of them. Today this way of monitoring space leads to a mapping, which forms an overlay of extracted data of former non-visible space, i.e. could not been percepted this way, though nowadays to be navigated by remote control.
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Extreme examples are the smart weapons, tracking systems, computer-vision and commando rooms in Florida/ USA for the war in Afghanistan.3

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