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germany, 1962
1993 - 2000 `academic years`, Staatliche Akademie Stuttgart (u.a. J.Jonas)
2001 - 2002 Merz-Akademie Stuttgart/University of Portsmouth, EMMA-Diploma (MA)

1998 Förderpreis Darmstädter Sezession

- performances using video since 1999
- work with video since 1999
- working with online publishing since 2001

2001 - 2003  assistant (computer work) for artist Karin Sander
2003 - 2013  assistant (website programming, DVD authoring) for artist F.Armaly
2004 Scholarship (Auslandsstipendium), Staatliche Akademie, Stuttgart
2004 McLuhan Fellowship, McLuhan Program, U of T, Toronto, Canada

selection of performative actions (including video recordings and transmissions) 1999 - 2002:

1999 'Just do it' (Aktion Königsstrasse Stuttgart)
2000 'Standing besides' (claire-obscure; Kl. J.Jonas)
2000 organized the exhibition '4waytraffic' and performed: 'academic years' (Oberwelt Stuttgart)
2000 'classic elastics' (performative lecture; Kunstforum München)
2001 'memory' (performative action within a work of H.-J. Min, Galerie der Stadt Stuttgart)
2001 'come in to the outside' (within an exhibition with R.Haas, K.Weisshäupl; BBK Stuttgart)
2001 '2/3 action' (within an exhibition with Hyun-Joo MIN; allg. Konsumverein Braunschweig)

1999/2000 'lefthanded thinking' (Video) 2001 'perplex' Bonn, Bundeskunsthalle
1999/2001 'seeing faces' (Video) 2001 'Hinter Liebfrauen2', Braunschweig

2001 'little-sisters' tracing some of my friends' routes
2002 'inviting friends' concept and idea for an exhibition project at GEDOK-Galerie, Stuttgart; performing: 'welcome kiss & eyescan' / still exsisting faked interface: >>> eyescan)

projects and events since 2002:

. . >>>
07/2002 'Final Project' performative lecture for Merz-Akademie, Stuttgart 11/2002 digitalBIEDERMEIER Vienna; performative lecture in the panel of 'technologizing oikos and agora';

05/2003 'The Demand of Visibility within Knowledge Production' for the conference 'seeing things' at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

10/2003 'C.O.P. - Colors of Perception / Farben der Wahrnehmung' lecture at the GEDOK - Galerie, Stuttgart during the exhibition 'code orange' of Bettina Lockemann

. . >>> mind the __ GAP*?
since 02/2004 ... weblog as a gap standing as a metaphor for the void / empty space which is necessary to have other things evolve -> to get a 'moving' / streaming image - a changing image -> thus the gap as the moment of free space, defining the closed 'programmed' space / the scripted space, which needs the break to get the next action running / the next character introduced -> bits, morse, pulse, flash, etc..
12/2004 presented at 'Don't call it work ....', Stuttgart, offene positionen nord (pdf)

10/2004 'Talking with Alice': REMOTE CONVERSATIONS ... / pdf (german only)
performative intervention together with Katharina Weishaeupl and Lena Lee
for the series 'Spannungsraum Leidenschaften' at the 'Allgemeiner Konsumverein Braunschweig'

2004/2005 Interview with Laura U.Marks and text, which has been published on
                 - Production / - Introduction / - Interview

2008/2009 in context with Stuttgarter Filmwinter 'online curator' and responsible for the online presence of mediaspace_09 / platform for discussion / online at weblog: mediaspace 2009

2011 "Arkane Formen des Möglichen / Arcane Forms of Possibility" for the publication of the artist Katharina Weishäupl, München

>>>    2012     start of the artistic research project 'memacism' that so far includes the following events as experimental
                       research settings:

09/2012 'Utterance as 'movement' praxis or the quantum leap of t/here' performative/dance lecture together with Verena van den Berg at the 'Environmental Utterance' - a performative conference at the University College Falmouth, UK

04/2013 'Thinking on the move: Diffractive practices as embodied ‘agential intra-action’`, performative lecture together with Sharna Fabiano and Sarah Jacobs at 'Tactical Bodies: The Choreography of Non-Dancing Subjects' a joint special topics conference of Congress on Research in Dance (CORD) and Dance Under Construction (DUC) at UCLA, US.

07/2013 'Affects of being affected - marks on bodies by leaks of intra-action', paper presented at the 'Geographies of Desire' session at the 'International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies', 1.-3. July, University of Groningen, Netherlands.

07/2013 'Turn around, make a round turn: Thinking through the transpositional options of movement', performative presentation in collaboration with Yuko Matsuyama for the 'Trans – what? - across and beyond (artistic) research Symposium', 28. July, @ Supermarkt Creative Resource Centre, Brunnenstrasse 64,  Berlin, Germany.

10/2013 turning it into a German version: 'Dreh dich um, mach‘ eine runde Drehung – Denken, um die transpositionalen Möglichkeiten von Bewegung herum'; [soundcheck philosophie] #3, Halle an der Saale, Germany

04/2014 'In touch, out of bounds: Habit as background knowledge to touch upon imposed conditions' (working title: Embodied movement training as ability to counter governing regimes of place); 04.April, 2014; Ludus festival Leeds - performance - place - possibility: LudusThinks symposium

04/2014, 'Jump to touch - being out of bounds, but in touch: paradox strategies, as impuls for change of habit'; Cognitive Futures in Humanities, 23.- 26-April 2014, University of Durham; UK

07/2014, 'Touch, absconding into gesture - or how to become intentionally attuned with (dis-dancing) touch devices'; 4th Metabody Conference History and Ontologies of Movement-Gesture, 11. July 2014, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid; Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco, Auditorio Filosofia y Letras, Spain

10/2014, 'The Touching Moment: touching matter – matter of response' co-presented with the performers: Jack Britton, Katherine Hall, Lewys Holt; at the In Dialogue symposium, An International Symposium that interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice, 2. - 4. October 2014, Nottingham, UK

09/2015, 'Shifting boundaries: Exteriority within phenomena - Performing in site - inside' on 'performative practice and institutional performativity' co-presented with the dancers and traceurs Kim Chowdhury, Angeliki Dalangeli, Nikolay Ivonov, Eva Papadopoulos at the Institutions, Politics, Performance Conference at Green Park, Athens, Greece, 24 - 28th September 2015

03/2016 ‘Performing Identity or the Risky Performativity of Situatedness’ at the 4th Euroacademia International Conference - Identities and Identifications: Politicized Uses of Collective Identities,
4.-5. March 2016, Venice, Italy

texts published digitaly/online:

On the complete thesis ‚The Delegation of Perception' can be downloaded in html or as pdf file.
Under an abstract on the presentation in 11/2002 in Vienna has been published.
Visual material and a rtf.file as well as a pdf-document for 'The Demand of Visibility within Knowledge Production' can be found at

text: 2011 "Arkane Formen des Möglichen / Arcane Forms of Possibility" for the publication Katharina Weishäupl, München

since 2012 texts related to the memacism project are presented at different conference occasions (see list above)

other activities - since 02/2004 online with mind the _GAP*? weblog.

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